Nationally Competitive Scholarships Committee

The Nationally Competitive Scholarships Committee has been created to identify and nurture exceptional candidates for nationally competitive scholarships, grants and awards. The committee members are dedicated to your success and will advise you throughout the scholarship application process. The high support provided by this committee was instrumental in helping an Honors student win the Udall Scholarship in 2005. 


The elements that will make you a more viable scholarship candidate are:

  • excellent grades
  • compelling internships
  • a faculty mentor
  • present/publish research
  • study abroad
  • founder of an RSO
  • exceptional volunteerism
  • enroll in scholarships seminar


If interested in applying for scholarships, grants and awards, refer to the Honors Student Handbook for contact information.



Bret Muter

Bret Muter, Honors Student, Environmental Biology Udall Scholarship Winner