Honors Council

Mission Statement: The task of the Honors Council is to serve as a think tank and force for change for the Honors Program at Ferris State University.

Members of the council may serve on sub-committees, lead task forces, and/or identify other faculty to help implement the recommendations of the council. The members of this council are all directly affiliated with Ferris State University.  The members are from seven colleges, the Retention and Student Success Unit, and Admissions.

Council Members - 2014/2015 

  • Peter Bradley - Honors Director (ex officio)
  • Anthony Baker - Director, Center for Latin@ studies
  • LeAnne Barstow - Honors Student, Pre-Medicine
  • Jeff Bates - Director of Student Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy
  • Rhonda Bishop - Assistant Professor, College of Health Professions
  • Logan Bixman - Honors Student, Pre-Pharmacy
  • Marci Chou - Hall Director
  • Jessica Cruz - Associate Director, Center for Latin@ Studies
  • David Darrow - Director of Student Academic Affairs, College of Education & Human Services
  • Sharon George - Director of Student Academic Affairs, College of Business 
  • Charlie Malone - Honors Advisor (ex officio)
  • Jim Miller - Professor and Coordinator of Student Recruitment, Michigan College of Optometry
  • Angie Mishler - Director of Student Academic Affairs, College of Engineering Technology
  • David Pilgrim - Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jacob Pollock - AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer
  • Piram Prakasam - Director, Office of International Education
  • William Potter - Associate Provost, Retention and Student Success (ex officio)
  • Charlotte Tetsworth - Associate Director of Admissions Processes, Admissions & Records