Reporting Out and Reaching Consensus

The SGID facilitator asks each group to report out its answers to the questions; all the answers are displayed for the students to see. Following this, all the students vote on whether or not they agree with each answer. This measure of the students' overall agreement or disagreement with each answer gives the faculty member a clear sense of the relative importance of each answer. This feedback, given as a percentage of students who agree with each answer, gives a much clearer picture of what the students think about the course and the instruction than would the individual student comments.

This step, the "Reporting Out and Reaching Consensus" step, can be particularly time-consuming. There may very well be, for example, discussion amongst the students about the exact wording or meaning of the answer. It's important, then, that the SGID facilitator keep careful tabs on the time during this step of the SGID procedure. For a class of 30 or fewer students, we recommend that 15 minutes be allotted for this step of the process. Naturally, with more students, this step will require more time.

Overall, our estimate of the amount of time to allocate for the entire SGID process is:

  1. < 30 students -- 20-30 minutes
  2. 30-60 students-- 30-40 minutes
  3. > 60 students – 50 minutes.