One on One Services

We invite you to become a volunteer to your FSU colleagues who are seeking assistance in your area of expertise.


Ferris State University is a community of experts and willing volunteers. To capitalize on these good qualities in an effort to improve teaching and learning, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning would like to build its one-on-one services. The purpose of the One-on-One Faculty Services program is for expert faculty and staff to provide one-on-one assistance to faculty and others on a wide range of teaching and learning issues, methods, tools, etc. For each service, a faculty or staff expert in that area will volunteer to consult individually with those requesting assistance.


Here is an example of an actual service that is available to you:

Beyond Google
Expert: Kristy Motz, FLITE Library Instruction Coordinator

Kristy has worked one-on-one with others and has taught groups of faculty and students to become more efficient searchers of quality and useful resources and information on the web.

Description of the service

You may be someone who Googles his or her way to information on the web. There are, perhaps to your surprise, different search options and tools to help you become a more efficient searcher. I would be happy to help you use the newest search engines, directories, and metasearch engines to find your way to the best resources on the web.

Kristy is available for one-on-one assistance or general classroom instruction.

More areas and experts

Here is an incomplete list of some of the content areas which could be well served by experts. We invite your own suggestions. You are, after all, the expert!

  • Commenting on Students' Papers in Microsoft Word
  • Dealing with Difficult Students
  • Writing and Grading Essay Questions
  • Immediacy in the Classroom
  • Organizing and Assessing Group Work
  • Library Resources and Teaching
  • Small Group Instructional Diagnosis
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Mentoring Student Research
  • Implementing Service Learning
  • Facilitating Students' Critical Thinking
  • Using Writing as a Means for Learning
  • Videotape Your Teaching for Improving it and Your Students' Learning
  • Classroom Observations
  • Writing Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessing Student Learning Outcomes
  • Using Sympodium
  • Academic content area: mythology
  • Academic content area: evolution
  • Academic content area: race in modern society

Please contact Todd Stanislav with a simple e-mail message to know more or offer your assistance as an expert. Contact Todd Stanislav by email at: or ext. 3541. We would love to have you join our list of experts available to assist others through the FCTL's One-on-One Faculty Services program.

Technology Related Assistance from the Technology Assistance Center

  • Using classroom podium technologies
  • Using Tegrity in Ferris classrooms
  • Assistance with audio and video in Adobe Connect
  • Technical assistance with CPS
  • Accessing Ferris technology resources
  • Assisting with new instructional technology requests and the implementation process
  • Liaison with TAC for special technology based instruction projects

Instructors are welcome to sign up for one on one assistance through the TAC scheduling site. If you don't see the specific item you need assistance with you can select "Classroom Technologies" from the One-on-One Training list and specify what you need assistance with:

The Technical Education & Outreach team serves both faculty and staff at Ferris. Their training focus is on learning how to use the technology effectively so people feel confident using it for their jobs. They would be more than happy to assist with any training sessions your department may have that requires assistance with the technical aspects of any standard technology used at Ferris.