Quality Matters Workshops

Post Workshop Peer Review Process

The overall design of the course is made clear to the student at the beginning of the course. The course introduction sets the tone for the course, lets students know what to expect, and provides guidance to ensure they get off to a good start.

peer review process

Continuous Quality Cycle

At Ferris State University we have developed an in-house, unofficial review process to meet the needs of our faculty who are learning about the Quality Matters standards and review process. The process is congenial, supportive, and based upon a continuous improvement approach.

The process begins with a blended 7-week course that faculty are encouraged to attend. In the workshop faculty learn to apply and to interpret the Quality Matters Standards (QM) using the QM Rubric.

During the workshop faculty submit deliverables that are designed to help them build skills to craft a course or course module that is based upon the Rubric. During the workshop faculty are provided feedback and also provide feedback to each other on their submissions.

Following the workshop and completion of their course or course module example, faculty may submit their course for a review. A small team consisting of a faculty peer who has been through the workshop and review process along with the instructional designer in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning schedule the review. The documented feedback is provided to the faculty with recommendations for improvement. Faculty can choose to implement the improvements and resubmit as needed.