FerrisConnect Training
FerrisConnect Orientation

This bare-bones introduction to FerrisConnect will cover the basics, including file management, page layout, calendar, syllabus and grade book tools. Information regarding additional training materials and support are also provided. The two-hour training session is designed to get you started with enhancing your face-to-face course in FerrisConnect.

Advanced FerrisConnect Training

These five two-hour Advanced FerrisConnect Training sessions cover such topics as the Grade book, Assessment Tool, Assignments, Discussion Tools, and Learning Modules.

Online Training

The online training option includes 14 lessons designed to introduce instructors to the basic tools and their application in FerrisConnect. The lessons are intended to be completed in conjunction with a FerrisConnect Training Course shell. Participants can expect to spend between six and ten hours with this training option. Online Training Course Request Form

To register for the FerrisConnect Orientation or Advanced sessions contact Laurie Daniels at ext. 2440 or email: danielsl@ferris.edu.