Professional Development Incentives (PDIs)

The Professional Development Incentive (PDI) is a form of compensation that is not taxable income. The PDI monies are derived from Ferris State University (FSU) funds and are available to FSU full- and part-time faculty members. The funds are managed and distributed by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) in association, typically, with an FCTL project or initiative. Recent projects for which PDIs were available include the "Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community" (Fall 2016) and "Global Questions in Professional and Academic Work Across Campus Faculty Learning Community" (Fall 2016).

To receive a PDI, a faculty member is typically expected to attend and participate in the majority of sessions and produce a product such as a course portfolio, as in the case of the "Course Portfolios Faculty Learning Community." In some instances, PDIs have been provided to faculty for their participation in training sessions. In instances in which a PDI is available, the specific requirements or expectations will be indicated in the description.

Upon successful fulfillment of the requirements or expectations, faculty members will receive notification via e-mail that the PDI has been awarded. The PDI will expire two years following notification of the award, at which time the funds will return to the PDI funding pool. At present, FCTL does not have an efficient and easy mechanism that allows faculty members to monitor their PDI funds. Until such a mechanism is available, faculty can simply request information about their PDI funds from Laurie Daniels, whose contact information is available under contacts.

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