Using Your PDI

Provide relevant information to your Department Head or Chair, or School Director so that he or she can judge whether the purchase is consistent with both the purposes of PDIs and FSU purchasing procedures and recommendations. If you wish to purchase computer hardware (e.g., desktop, laptop, or notebook computers, eReaders, iPod, iPad, or other mobile devices, etc.) or software, an application must be completed and the approval process initiated (we encourage you to contact your department's administrative support staff regarding this). The application itself and information about the approval process are at the NEW Technology Purchasing Process at Ferris page.

For purchases other than computer hardware and software, if approval for the purchase is given by your Department Head or Chair, or School Director, please forward the approval, information about what you wish to purchase (e.g., product or item name, cost), and the account number to which the PDI funds should be transferred to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (email: ). For purchases of computer hardware or software, approval of the application is also required.

PDI funds can also be used to support travel expenses for professional development or presenting at conferences. Prior to your travel, be sure to submit a travel request form to your Department Head or Chair, or School Director. After you've completed your trip, submit a completed travel expense form to your supervisor for reimbursement using your department account number. Submit a copy of the approved travel form (not the receipts or other documentation) to Laurie Daniels, IRC 134D, for reimbursement to your department.

Todd Stanislav will review the request and accompanying documents and, assuming everything is in order, will authorize the transfer of the appropriate funds to your Department's account. Laurie Daniels will confirm the transfer via e-mail to you, your Department Secretary, and your College Account Clerk.

You or your Department Secretary will then initiate or complete the purchase process. For auditing purposes, please be sure to note somewhere on the paperwork (virtual or real paper!) that an FCTL PDI was used for the purchase.