The procedure for purchasing computer hardware involves completing the Electronic Hardware Software Acquisition Review Form (eHSARF). There is information online about this procedure and the eHSARF itself at: eHSARF.

Information Technology Services has provided a number of important recommendations regarding, for example, software, desktop computers, laptop and notebook computers, and tablet PCs. These recommendations are online at: Technical Standards.

There is very important purchasing information, including an approval policy chart and information about vendors and savings on Dell computer purchases, at: Purchasing.

PDI monies that are awarded by FCTL are non-transferrable. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Finally, faculty may pool their PDI monies if such pooling directly benefits at least those faculty members. For example, if there was interest in purchasing a piece of equipment that could benefit multiple people, but no one person had sufficient PDI monies to pay for the equipment, PDIs from other faculty who will also directly benefit from purchasing the equipment may be used.