Resources for Faculty

We provide here an annotated (in most instances) list of links to what we hope is useful and helpful information for faculty. We have organized the information into four primary areas:

  • General Information
  • Student Support Service
  • Faculty Services
  • Resource Documents

The science of classification is not without pitfalls or controversy. The classic problem is that of classifying a taxon which shares characteristics with one or more other taxa. For example, the Counseling Center is listed under "Student Support Services," when, in fact, the Center serves faculty, staff, and students. The same is true for the Writing Center.

With the inherent overlap that exists for some offices and services, we have nonetheless associated certain offices or services with a specific category here. We hope this doesn't limit your ability to find the information you're seeking.

If we've missed something or you have any questions, additions, suggestions, etc., please contact us by phone at (231) 591-3826 or by Email at

Faculty in the Learn Lab classroom sitting on desk talking to students