Faculty Services

Academic Policies and Procedures

Here you'll find links to management polices and procedures related to the academic activities at FSU.


Copy Center

The FSU Copy Center provides copy and other services for classroom materials, memos, newsletters, reports, flyers, and small brochures.

Dental Hygiene Clinic

The FSU Dental Hygiene Program provides free cleaning services. Information about these services can be found here.

Diversity Office

Major goals of the Diversity Office are to:

  1. Create a University that is welcoming to diverse populations.
  2. Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse student population.
  3. Hire and retain a diverse workforce.
  4. Create environments for student learning that are inclusive of and sensitive to a diverse student population.

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL)

The mission of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is to work with and support Ferris faculty and the greater educational community in their efforts to affect deep, positive, lasting, and profound student learning.

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Faculty Support

Ferris Catalog

Ferris Fact Book

Ferris Faculty Association

Here is a link to website for Ferris State University's faculty union, the Ferris Faculty Association. Please note that the web pages are separate from the University website.

Library Services

The Ferris Library for Information, Technology, and Education (FLITE) promotes and advances Ferris State University's present and future teaching, learning, research, and informational inquiry by providing high quality collections, services, and instruction.

Media Production

Media Production personnel provide assistance to faculty, staff, and students in the design, development, implementation, and distribution of media-related resources in support of Ferris instruction and activities. Services are available free of charge when used to support instruction.

Office of Multicultural Student Services

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Student Services is to enhance ethnic minority student retention and matriculation. This desired outcome is achieved through personal and academic support programs and activities which are offered to assist students with their adjustment to campus. In addition, this office works closely with other campus departments, faculty, and staff to develop a climate in which racial harmony and cultural diversity is valued, appreciated and accepted.

Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Programs

In addition to the support the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Programs provides faculty and staff who seek external funding, the Office's website includes links to internal funding opportunities (see "FSU Grant Opportunities") for research and professional development. 

Test Scanning and Analysis

Staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Testing will enter data from scantron sheets for your students' exams, and provide you student scores and an item analysis report. Call 591.3628 for more information (no information is currently online).

Timme Travel Grant Program

The Timme Travel Grant Program represents a portion of monies derived from an endowment established by Abigail Smith Timme and designated for the Timme Center for Teaching Excellence, now known as the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning. At the time of its inception, the Center was established to "encourage and support the enrichment of teaching and learning skills."

University Eye Center

Patient care services at the Michigan College of Optometry's University Eye Center are open to the public.

University Recreation and Fitness Center

The Center is dedicated to providing quality recreational and fitness services for all patrons.