Online Instructor Certification Program: Applying

Please follow these instructions for preparing and submitting your application. For each certification level 1 through 4, there is a rubric. If, for example, you are seeking Level 3 Certification, you will need to submit completed rubrics for levels 1, 2, and 3. You can open the PDF files, complete them on your computer, and e-mail them to us.

Alternatively, you can print out the documents and mail or deliver them to us. Our contact information and mailing address are given below. If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning by e-mail at or by phone at 231-591-3826.

     Our mailing address:
     Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
     Online Instructor Certification Program
     1010 Campus Dr., FLITE 408
     Big Rapids, MI 49307

Step 1

Complete the 2-page "Online Instructor Certification Application." Please be sure to obtain your Dean's signature so that he or she is aware you are participating in this program.

On the application form there are five check boxes. If you are already certified at a particular level, you need only provide the rubric(s) for the level(s) you are seeking now.

Please keep in mind that, if you are seeking certification for the first time, you need to submit rubrics for all levels up to and including the level for which you are applying.

A word about the rubrics: it is very important that you, in addition to checking the appropriate box, also provide a description of what evidence you are supplying. Such evidence may be a Word or PDF file with screen shots or a Tegrity recording that demonstrates the ability requested. We've provided an example below from a rubric of what we have in mind.

Step 2

Submit your materials in hard copy, email attachment to, flash drive, CD, etc.:
  1. 2-page application

  2. Rubric(s)

  3. The evidence you indicated on your rubric(s).

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