Email is the primary means of contact among the University community. This includes notifications of class cancellations, activities, issues, and so on. For this reason, faculty and students are encouraged to use FSU email for all University-related correspondence.

To obtain your ID and password, please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) by calling (877) 779-4822 or (231) 591-4822. You can access your Lotus Notes account by going to Type in your ID and password and click on Submit. You can change your password by clicking on Change Password. You may also access your email through MyFSU.

Please note that the branch offices do not have access to your ID and password information.

Students can access their email by going to and clicking on the MyFSU tab. Students can enter their login and password. First-time users of MyFSU can click on the link underneath the sign-in to obtain their ID and password.

Please include your email address on your course syllabus.