You will be contacted by your branch office with class details.

The State requires that each credit hour of course work be supported by at least 750 minutes of actual classroom/lab instruction. For example, a course with an allocation of 3 semester credits should provide the equivalent of 2,250 minutes of instruction.

Generally, students are allowed a 10-minute break during every hour of instruction. However, break arrangements can be altered if, for instance, all of the students would prefer to be dismissed after 150 minutes without breaks rather than after a full three hours with three 10-minute breaks.

Any deviations from the original schedule (day, time, or room) must be agreed upon by the students and the branch office and be approved before the changes are made.

Faculty Attendance Policy

Faculty are expected to attend each class period scheduled. If an absence is necessary, faculty must notify the branch office, regardless of whether you have notified the students in your class. Remember that many students drive a distance, so this information will need to be conveyed several hours in advance of the class meeting time to make sure they are not already in transit. The branch office will make every attempt to notify the students of a cancellation.

Weekend cancellation procedures vary for each campus, so please contact the branch office early in the semester for details.

Student Attendance Policy

Faculty are encouraged to include an attendance policy in their course syllabus. (Ferris' Academic Affairs Attendance Policy )

Sample Attendance Policies

Following are sample attendance policies. These are listed as suggestions only. Faculty are not required or limited to the sample policies given.

No Fault Attendance

Rationale: We understand that each student may upon occasion need to be away from class due to illness or other important matters. The following policy recognizes these life issues but at the same time reflects that in the real world, students need to be present in class in order to learn and share their learning with others in the class.

Attendance Policy: Each student will be allowed to miss up to four 50-minute classes without penalty. These absences may be for any reason and do not require giving the professor an excuse.

A student who is absent a fifth time will be required to withdraw from the course if this absence occurs during the withdrawal period of the semester. If this absence occurs after the withdrawal period, the student will receive a failing (F) grade in the course.

The four absences represent nearly 10% of the course meeting days and far exceed any absence policy that would exist in business, industry, or other professional areas.

Exceptions to the Attendance Policy (verification of all exceptions is necessary)

  • A University-sponsored event in which an excused absence from the Vice President for Academic Affairs office is given
  • Death of a family member or close personal relation (friends, neighbors)
  • Extended hospitalization
  • Jury duty or being subpoenaed to testify in a court case
  • Dangerous weather conditions in which driving is considered by local authorities to be unsafe (for commuter students)

Reward or Consequence

Rationale: Class attendance is an important and necessary part of the learning process of this course. To that end, students who make the effort to attend will be rewarded. Those who fail to attend regularly will be penalized.

Attendance Policy: A student having two or fewer absences will receive an additional 45 points added to his or her final grade (one point per 50-minute class meeting).

A student having three absences will receive no additional points.

A student having four absences will lose 25 points from his or her final grade. Each additional absence beyond four will also result in a loss of 25 points.

Daily Rewards

Rationale: Class attendance is highly valued in this course and will be graded using the following scale. These points will equal one test score. This attendance test score will be averaged with the other tests, quizzes, projects, and homework in this course in reaching a final grade.

  • 100% attendance = 100 points
  • 1 hour absence = 95 points
  • 2 hours absence = 90 points
  • 3 hours absence = 85 points
  • 4 hours absence = 45 points
  • 5 hours absence = 65 points
  • 6 or more hours = 0 points